Who is Gerrit Mur

   Following my scientific career at the Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands, where I was engaged in "computational electromagnetics" (i.e. scientific research aiming at computing electromagnetic fields in complicated geometries using fast computers as accurately and as fast as possible), my long-standing passive interest in three-dimensional art developed into a hobby and I started sculpting. Doing this I can make use of both my technical education and experience, and the spatial insight my work continuously required as well as produced.

    As a sculptor  I am primarily an autodidact and I mainly work with the materials alabaster, serpentine, various kinds of marble, onyx and the beautiful Belgian black "marble", a kind of limestone also referred to as Noir de Mazy. My sculptures are figurative, abstract or geometric, the latter being inspired by my scientific work. 

  For my artistic development, however, I followed courses modelling in clay or wax by Johanna van Dongen at the Vrije Akademie in Delft, Paola en Fréderic Steffen sculptureart-Ardèche, France, the Delft artist Cor Dam, again at the Vrije Akademie Delft, and finally a course sculpting from the beeldhouwwinkel in Scheveningen. At present I follow a course "Sculpting in stone" given in Delft by Danielle Jacquinot.This site in meant to give relatives, friends, people interested in sculpting and fellow pensioners an idea of the exciting things one can do being retired. But also my former colleagues can find me here.

    You can contact me by gertmur@ziggo.nl.